Bridges 2 Asia, LLC  believes in the innate creativity developed in every country on Earth.

We strive to promote sustainably produced fabrics, handicraft items and indigenous fashion from South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Far East Asia.

The major focus of all our projects is to increase employment in already existing factories and artisan cooperatives in Asia. This leads directly to the increased financial security of Asian families and enhances social peace and stability in the region.

Bridges 2 Asia, LLC  welcomes coordinating all our projects with relevant governmental ministries in Asia as well as with their ambassadors, consul generals and trade officials posted overseas.

We serve to bridge the gap between the upscale department and specialty stores in The West and a talented cadre of established as well as up-and-coming Asian fashion designers.

All our projects are done with sufficient lead time to allow us to properly develop and promote them to attract maximum attendance of fashion buyers.

We help create awareness of new design talent and enhance brand loyalty amongst fashion consumers.

Whenever possible, Bridges 2 Asia, LLC also promotes the culture and tourism of the nations showcased in our events.


Bridges 2 Asia, LLC is no stranger to these lands!  Our special event developers & promotion specialists have lived and worked throughout Asia for years. We also have considerable New York City expertise in upscale retail, marketing, advertising,  and special event development.  Think of us as your company's innovation team & personal think tank.

We spearheaded an export fair for Indonesia and Thailand in a major upscale U.S. department store. This knowledge makes us invaluable to Asian designers and governments hoping to increase their presence on the world stage.

Currently under development is a series of regional fashion weeks for all ten member states of The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, also known as A.S.E.A.N. tentatively to be held in New York City as well as in Europe, Far East Asia and Australia in 2018 and 2019.

Bridges 2 Asia, LLC seeks to supplement and strengthen already existing fashion weeks and other promotional activities, adding a sense of New York style and sophistication to the event. Our bridges flow from East to West as well as from West to East and can also introduce Western brands to distant Asian lands.

Our private network of leading Asian nightclubs & top regional DJ's is ideally positioned to develop custom fragrance launches and liquor promotions. 

Great fashion does not exist in a vacuum. From our home base in New York City, a global media hub, our team can arrange  fashion shoots at world class hotels and resorts across Asia. These hotels can serve as great backdrops to promote Western fashion brands, too.